Monday, May 30, 2016

Memorial Day.

{Norah, Valley, Quinn, Addie, McKay, Rachel, Aaron, Tiffany, Gregg, Camille, Pete
Nelson, Anna, Bodie, Enoch, Jean, Truman}

Today we participated in the Memorial Day 5K run in Heber.
It has become a tradition to do the run with family.
 Nelson and Valley ready for a ride!
 Norah and Pete - this was Norah's first race!
 The dads, Gregg and Aaron.
 McKay and Rachel - it's wedding week!!!  This was Rachel's first race.
 Quinn had a goal to run as much as she could and I had a goal to keep up with Addie :)
 Quinn, Tiffany, Aaron, Addie, Nelson, Valley and Jean.
 I thought Aaron and Gregg were behind me with the little kids and the strollers but when I passed the LDS church on the corner of the run there was Aaron with Valley, Nelson and Jean chilling in the shade!  I knew Gregg wasn't far behind me so I started to get worried that Bodie and Anna were WAY behind on their bikes by themselves.  I called Gregg who wasn't with them - next I called my friend Tami who's house we ran by - she had been out cheering us on so I told her to send Bodie and Anna to the church when she saw them.  Luckily some sweet mom saw the two riding their bikes {totally unaware of how far behind the family they had gotten} and helped them along until they found Aaron here in the shade.
 Cute Bodie on his bike finishing strong with me.
 So proud of Bodie for doing the 5K on his bike with Anna - and for doing a majority of it on his own :)
 Anna and Tiff finishing strong.
 Quinn finishing strong with Gregg, Norah and Pete.
Quinn and Gregg were a good pair - he was so patient with Quinn, helping and encouraging her.
 Nelson and his donuts.
 Truman and Bodie also participated in the kids 1-mile run.
I was SO proud of them ... especially Bodie.  He wanted me or Gregg to run with him but we *temporarily* lost sight of Pete {it was AWEFUL} so we couldn't give Bodie the attention he needed, he decided all on his own to do the run anyway.
 It was such a great morning.
After the run we all headed over to our house for a BBQ.
 Aaron was on hot dog grilling duty.
 We served chili cheese dogs with fruit and veggies.
Enoch had TONS to smile about ... he won a FitBit at the race.
 How was that red juice Pete?!
It was such a beautiful day.  We got the slip-in-slide out for the kids to play on.  I wish I would have gotten more pictures close up of them playing. 
 Rachel is already the greatest new Aunt.
Jean doing her hair!
 Pete was obsessed with Aaron all day - it was so cute.
Here Aaron was trying to rest and Pete climbed up on top of him and was trying to play with him.
 With 7 kids Aaron is use to it!
 We ended Memorial Day with our first fire of the season in the pit.
It has become a tradition.
 Gregg and the boys starting the fire.
 For the last two year we have had a family, the Laird's, over for s'mores on Memorial Day.
One of their cute daughters, Hannah, is obsessed with Bodie - it is so cute.
The Laird's had a baby boy a few week after we had Norah.
Now those are some perfect looking marshmallows!
Nice job Truman.