Sunday, May 8, 2016

Anniversary and Mother's Day.

We got up bright and early yesterday morning to send these three off to St. George for the weekend.  It's our nephews baptism and our nieces baby blessing.
Truman and Bodie were so good about getting woken up early AND about getting their church clothes on so early for the long car ride.

Gregg called me when they were about half way there and said their had been a water pipe break at the church and so the baptism got postponed.  So ... they didn't have to wake up or drive that early after all.  Bummer.  But, they made it safely and the baptism happened later in the day.
The bapstims boy!
Truman, Lincoln and Bodie.
I am really glad the boys got to be there to support Lincoln - he is a good example to them.  Saturday afternoon they had a good time playing together and swimming at the hotel pool.
This morning I got this cute picture and video.
I am missing these cute boys {all three of them} on Mother's Day but glad they are with family.  Today was our niece Lucy's baby blessing.

Truman made me this Mother's Day card at school.

I won't be getting my annual Mother's Day picture with by boys today :(
And yesterday for mine and Gregg's 11th wedding anniversary I spent it alone :(

That's okay - it's just the way things work out sometimes.  We will celebrate another day.