Friday, January 16, 2015

Tagg turns one.

 Tonight Nate, Lauren and Tagg came over to hang out with us and celebrate Tagg's upcoming first birthday.  They will be long gone to Japan for Tagg's first birthday so they let us celebrate a little early.  We gave Tagg some matching PJ's to our kids and a kid's Nalgene bottle.
Tagg and aunt Millie selfie.
 Tagg striped down to his onesie and we were talking business for some cake eating.
 Birthday boy.
 Family picture.
 Quick hands.
 This is the only close up of the cake that I took - earlier in the day when I was working on it.

 It took some serious convincing to get Tagg to even touch the cake we made him.
 He finally decided it was good.

 His cousins wanted in on the action.
 Before cake we had this yummy BBQ port and leak pizza I made.
We did an unofficial taste test and decided that "expensive" BBQ sauce is worth the extra few dollars it costs.  This Garland Jack's Secret Six that my recipe recommended was a good one.

Happy Birthday Tagg, we will miss you.