Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Sound Beginnings: White Horses.

Today was Bodie and Pete's last day of White Horses (part of Sound Beginnings).  All winter we have been going to our music class on Wednesday afternoons.  Pete loved it almost more then Bodie!

{Bodie's face in this picture!}

 Unfortunately we are not going to continue with the second semester of Sound Beginnings right now.  I feel like I need to simplify life a little bit and so this is something that, although is a blast to go to each week, is not necessary right now.  We will miss seeing our friends every week.

 Truman finished his first semester of his second year in Let's Play Music which was "Green Turtles".  Now we are starting Yellow Arrows.  He is so good about practicing his songs and loves that he can now play songs on the piano.
 I snapped this quick picture of our piano before we had to take off the "red" "blue" and "yellow" cord stickers for the right hand.  They were well loved and worn from lots of practice.  Now he gets to start learning the left hand.