Thursday, January 29, 2015

Skiing Deer Valley.

This doesn't happen very often ... me skiing!  Hopefully in another stage of like {without three little ones at home} Gregg and I will be able to ski together more often.

For now, I will take any days I can get.
And today was one of them!
My father-in-law Bob ski's Deer Valley nearly every single day in the winter.  He is in good shape and a good skier!
Me and Bob on the chairlift together.  The one time a year I go skiing he is always so kind to go slow with me :)  I pretty much have to ski my heart out all day to keep up with him and Gregg, while for them it is a leisurely day of skiing blue's.
The views are amazing from up top.
Selfie before we head down the mountain.
Why I am wearing my sunglasses and not my goggles I have no idea!
This ice-castle was right outside the Montage.
The Montage.
I took this video of me skiing to show my kids I really do know how to ski.
Doing a little business on the gondola between runs!
Gregg wishes we could ski together more often ... someday!
I took this picture for McKay ... I borrowed his poles!  I hope he doesn't mind {that is duck tape around them ... so Mckay!}
We had the best lunch ever at a beautiful home in Deer Crest.
Apparently it's an old Dutch thing ... Jafflz.
So beautiful!
Something is wrong with this picture I took while riding the chair lift!
To say we are lacking snow this winter would be a slight under-statement.
Gregg skiing.
We had a blast.

I got this text picture while we were skiing from my friend who had Truman.  He and his buddies made valentine's and then walked them over to the neighbor girl.  Oh my.  It begins.