Saturday, January 31, 2015


Finally this month, some left over pictures.
It has been a great start to the new year, so far!
A friend asked me if I would make her some cards with a bike theme.
Here is what I came up with.
I kept putting off making these cards because of other responsibilities - I finally had to set everything else aside {mommy responsibilities} and do some crafting.
 I finally got smart and set up a movie on the ipad for hair cuts.
Why didn't I think of this years ago!?
 We got a letter in the mail from McKay with a photo card full of pictures and videos.  We spent an afternoon looking at all the pictures and watching the videos over and over again.
 Becca crafting!!
{I had to take a picture}
 One of my mom's pretty trees with a thick layer of frost.
I have been cutting my own hair exclusively for two + years.  I had a moment of weakness and went to get it cut.  Now I remember why I do it myself, and my confidence in cutting it myself is back!!!
But I'll never get that $75 back :(
My haircut was a disaster!
I have had to get creative styling it while I patiently wait for it to grow out!
 Poor Bodie had to go back to the dentist after getting 4 cavities filled only 5 months ago.  He lost some of the cavities over the holidays so I took him back to get them filled again.  I got totally HOSED by the dentist who wouldn't fix them - he wanted to charge me full price to re-do them.
No Thank You!
I will find a new dentist who stands by his work longer then 5 months!
I felt so wronged.
I'm still getting over it.
 I have been working with some Interior Design clients here in Midway on a huge remodel {as in walls taken out and the interior of the entire main level down to 2x4's}.
 Truman put this entire BYU football puzzle together by himself over a 24 hour period between a Saturday night and Sunday before church.
 He likes doing puzzles just like his dad did at his age.
 We like these around our house to help promote healthy digestive systems!
 I have been spending every spare minute on Pete's baby book.  My goal is to have his first year done by his first birthday.
 Becca helped the kids make this two-sided snowman in middle of my parents cul-de-sac.
 One night when I was checking on the kids I found Truman like this ... almost falling out of bed.
 One day while I was putting groceries away Bodie ate all the strawberries without me noticing {or washing them or cutting them!}
Bodie and grandpa Quinn
{I love this picture}

We had to say good-bye to my parents who will be gone for nearly a month.
What are we going to do without them?
 Dropping grandma Quinn off at the airport.
 Pete is finally becoming a little more mobile.  He "parks" himself as the boys call it.  He basically can scoot himself backwards while on his belly until he get's stuck somewhere!
Sometimes when Pete gets frustrated he bangs his head on the ground like this.
It is so funny and so random.
 We can not wait for Spring.  Pete is happy to get outside and get a ride from Truman.
And finally,
today the kids decided to take matters into their own hands and shovel off their sandbox!

On to February!