Friday, December 26, 2014

The after party.

 We started out the day by saying good-bye to my grandpa and grandma Aarve.  They are headed back to St. George.
 We love these two and we love spending time with them.
 These boys love their new BYU jersey's.  They showered, put on some football PJ's and their jersey's for the day- now they are practicing football.
 More cousin time.
 Bodie's face in this pictures!
The best!
 Lots of playing with new toys the day after Christmas.
 There were lots of new games to play.
{Nate, Lauren, Addie, Aaron, Quinn}
Jean always asks to hold Pete, every time we see her.
So sweet.
 My mom is not feeling well and she is going down hill fast.  Today she started out here on the sofa but by the afternoon she was in her room with the blinds shut.
 More new games.
Nate, Jean, Lauren and Gregg this time.
These awesome basketball glasses were a stocking stuffer hit!
 Maybe it's easier to put the ball in the basket with your hand!
Truman's turn.
 Truman was determined to get it.
 Oh so close!
 And then ... he did it!!!
 So dang cute.
 There have been lots of crazy hair-dos.
Quinn is always up for a new experimental hair-do.
 I need to practice this one a few more times.
 The center is suppose to be a little bit more of a poof - I need to work on that.
 Quinn trying on the classes.
And trying to figure out where they are going to live in Japan.
 My dad and his newest puzzle.
 Cute Tagg playing with Pete.
 Look at those cute new bottom teeth.
 Tagg was in the play box with Bodie but he is big enough to crawl out of the box now.
These two are one month apart.  Hopefully they will be good buddies, assuming Tagg doesn't live in Japan for the rest of this life!
 That face, he is so cute!
I don't think he looks at all like a Quinn baby.  He looks like his uncle David {Lauren's little brother}.
This video shows what he and Bodie playing looks like.
They are so cute.

Today was black Friday so tonight my mom, Lauren and I ran to Park City to experience it all.  We had a few items we were looking for - it was mostly for the experiences of Black Friday shopping {Lauren had never been}.  Once we got out shopping Lauren realized she was hungry and asked if we could stop at McDonald's for some fires.  We ended up ordering almost one of everything on the dollar menu!!!