Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Elder Quinn via Mexico.

Christmas came a day early today because we got to talk to Elder Quinn!

Our day started at home doing last minute Christmas prep and cleaning the house.  While we were cleaning and picking up I heard my computer ringing and then we saw Elder McKay!  He was with his companion and they had stopped by an internet cafe on the streets to make sure everything was working for our big chat tonight.

Unfortunately the video quality was really, really bad and his audio was not working.  He and his companion worked for over an hour trying to get their audio to work.  We would ask McKay 'yes' and 'no' questions so he could nod his head at us while they worked on getting things fixed.  Anthony joined our conversation from Michigan and tried to talk McKay through some problem shooting.

It was so fun to see McKay but I could tell he was getting really frustrated {to the point of tears in his eyes} that the connection was so bad.  He and his companion ended up going to three different internet cafe's and buying new speakers and earphones on the streets.  I stayed close to my computer for almost an hour and a half while they worked things out.  Once we got a good connection and the audio working we confirmed our night time meeting time and then they were off to work for the day.
Truman and Bodie stayed on-line with their cousins Ira and Eliot in Michigan to 'chat' for a while.  At one point my nephew Ira told me I needed to leave the room because he was going to tell Truman and Bodie a story that only kids could hear!  Ha.  I stayed close by and took the picture above of the kids talking.  Thank goodness for technology when family does not live close.
 The kids took a great early afternoon nap so they could stay up late tonight for the festivities.
Why are they so cute when they are sleeping?!
We all met in the early evening at my parents for our google hangout with McKay
 Our video quality was not as good as it has been in the past but we didn't care, we were just glad everything was working property after a long morning of trying to get things working.

We had Hopkinsons, SF Quinns, us, my parents and grandparents here in Midway plus Quinn's in Michigan on our hangout and also Dallin and Becka who are in Finland for the holidays.
 Each of the grandkids took a turn saying hello and talking to McKay before they ran off to play so the adults could talk.
 {Truman and Enoch working on our 1000 piece double sided puzzle in the bottom right of the picture}.
My grandparents are here from St. George so they took a turn talking to McKay.
 My parents took a turn talking with McKay.
We all miss him so much - maybe because he is the baby in the family.

We'll talk again on Mother's day and then a few short days later he will be home!!!
 Tiff and Aaron.
 Nate and Lauren.
Addie and Tagg.