Wednesday, December 17, 2014


When we made the decision to take Truman to the allergist to try and figure out his stomach pains, we figured we would just make appointments for everyone in the family.  Gregg had been advised to go due to a chronic sore throat despite the fact that he has had his tonsils and adenoids out and we had started to notice some food allergies with Pete.
Gregg took Truman and they went in the beginning of the week.  Like I posted about earlier Truman had no allergies!  Yahoo.  Gregg on the other hand had a few.  Mostly to trees, grasses and weeds {oak trees, blue grass, redtop grass, ragweed, sagebrush, kochia and thistle}.  He is also allergic to cats and horses.  Random!
When he got home several hours after his appointment this is what his back still looked like.  Ouch!  He told me,

"I am allergic to my in-laws, poopy diapers, crying kids and you."

Nice Gregg.
Late in the week Bodie, Pete and I went in for our appointments.
Bodie was such a trooper - getting skin test is no fun at all.
I was not prepared at all for his appointment but luckily had my ipad in my bag - it was a life saver.  He had to lay still for 15 minutes while the skin test were done. 
The top left is the histamine.
He wasn't at all allergic to anything.  Yahoo.
Next was my turn.  I almost canceled my appointment because I didn't think I was going to be allergic to anything.  Boy was I wrong!  My allergies were some of the worst in the family - my arm was killing {and I was holding Pete in the other arm}.

I am allergic to blue grass, redtop, timothy weed {really bad on this one}, ragweed, thistle and get this ... cattle.  The doctor said my allergies were bad enough that I could get a shot once a week - but that is just not practical for a busy mom with little kids {plus the office is in Provo}.  So he gave me a prescription to take as needed.  I knew I had a few environmental allergies but I had no idea they were this bad. 
Poor Pete.

We have known for a few months that Pete had some food allergies.  A couple of months ago I gave him some formula one night and he immediacy swelled up and then threw up - violently.  The next day I tried a different brand and the same thing happened but with hives too.  I talked with doctor Haderlie about it and he had me try a soy-based formula.  We found that he could have the Target brand soy based formula.  We don't use formula but I always like to have some on hand - just in case.

Once he was old enough to start of solids I was really nervous and really slow at introducing food to him.  We figured he had some kind of dairy allergy because he couldn't handle yogurt, cheese or milk.  On Thanksgiving day he touched a bowl that had eggs in it and he immediately got hives and threw up.

The allergist we saw was awesome.  He did a basic physical on Pete and they we decided to do a skin test for lots of the common food allergies that are seen today.

We learned that Pete is allergic to dairy {all dairy} and eggs, both the whites and yokes.  Such a bummer but so glad we know.  And I am so glad its not soy, wheat and nuts.

For now we are just staying away from diary and eggs.  We are learning to read the labels on everything {even baby food you would not think had either - lots have egg yokes for the fat}.  I am also nursing Pete much more.  The nutritionist we saw a few weeks ago suggest I nurse him like he is a new born, every few hours.

I'm exhausted just thinking about it!