Thursday, September 19, 2013

The Zoo.

Since Tiff had her baby my mom and I have had her kids.
Today we decided to brave the zoo with 7 kids!

 The Eagles Nest
Addie, Quinn, Jean, Anna, Truman, Enoch, Bodie
 There is an awesome lego exhibit at the zoo right now - amazing.
 We hadn't seen the new bear exhibit, it was so much better then what they have had for the last 30+ years.  The brown bears were actually active.  As a child I don't ever remember seeing the bears move at all.  Pictured below you can see what the kids were all watching - the brown bear in the water playing with his ball.
There is also a new polar bear exhibit which was pretty amazing.  It seemed like this polar bear was "playing" with the kids.  Check out the picture sequence below.
They would crouch down and wait for the polar bear to swim up to them and then they would stand up and he would too.

 Here they were teasing him by not standing up.
Grandma took everyone on a special carousel ride.  The hardest part was deciding who got to ride which animal - there was a little bit of negotiating going on between these boys!
 {she does not like to look at the camera when I pull it out}
 I was totally shocked that Bodie wanted nothing to do with the carousel ride.
 My favorite animal.
 More lego animals.
Although the zoo is exhausting these kids really are good - and the older girls help out a ton.