Sunday, September 22, 2013

BYU vs. Utah.

{Scott, Scotts wife, Chip, Laura, me, Gregg, Tami, Brandon, Tara, Scott and Kristi}

 On Friday night our friends the Fifes held their annual BYU vs. Utah party {and we have a few Utah State fans}.  Brandon and Tami are huge Utah fans so I think its funny that they are the only ones in red - they need some more Utah friends!  We each bring a snack food item representing our team.

We played a couples game that Gregg and I won which was a huge improvement over last year when we came in dead last.  We won a roll of BYU duck tape which was a huge hit with Truman.

We also each had to guess the score of the BYU / Utah game.  Of course Brandon and Tami guessed that Utah would win.  Gregg new the odds were against us BYU fans so without letting anyone else know he also guessed that Utah would win - which they did - so I was shocked when Tami called today to tell me that Gregg had guessed the score correct and that we also won a "Y" decoration for our house {pictured below}
Thanks Fifes for another great party.
We needed a night out!

{photo credit: Tami Fife}