Monday, September 16, 2013

House Update.

The wood floors in the house were installed over the weekend.  The main level is almost all wood floors with a little wood upstairs between the kids bedrooms and the guest master bedroom.  They are a 9 1/2" European white oak. 
We spent a big part of the day cleaning the floors and then covering them.
I gave Truman a roll of tape and put him to work covering the floors by the front door, he did a great job and was entertained for hours.
We also had our cabinets installed and I am thrilled with how they look!
Pictured above is the kitchen.  I did a custom white kitchen with a dark island.  I thought for sure I knew what white I wanted to do but when my cabinet guy made a sample door for me it looked to creamy.  I took that sample everywhere with me to see it in all different lights - I finally decided it wasn't the right white.    I also wanted to make sure I didn't get to bright of a white - then my cabinets would have looked like plastic melamine.  We ended up naming this white "Truman White" and I love it.  {The other white was called "Camille White" and I think we might end up using it in my parents house}.

We knew we wanted a dark island for two main reasons, first to add some contrast and second because the island takes a beating {with little kids sitting up to it in bar stools} so we wanted a color that was easy to touch up.  This is a dark brown-gray with an almost black rub over it.  
 Master bathroom {Gregg's vanity} - I am glad he let me do a white bathroom!
 Here is the master shower all tiled and filled with construction stuff {which kind of makes me crazy}
 We have the best finish carpenter - he is doing all the base and case, framing out the windows and doors and all the casings that lead into different areas of the house {like around the piano room}.  He also built my stair case and all my closet systems.
Office cabinets.
This is a hospitality bar down stairs in the family room.
The exterior was also painted last week.  We have had so much rain {which is so unusual for this time of year} that almost nothing happened on the exterior of the house for 10 days.

The color turned out darker then I was picturing.  I am sure it will grow on me.  They also started painting the trim around the windows {see the windows on the far left} but the color looked purple to me and although purple is my favorite color I was trying to match the bronze windows!  I lost a TON of sleep over the purple looking trim color.  After running around ALL day Saturday trying out new paint colors I finally decided I wanted the color changed - I felt really bad making the guys redo their work.