Thursday, September 26, 2013


* Do you want to know the reason my blog has gotten so far behind???

Just a little night time reading!
It's a boy and he seriously looks like an alien in this picture!
We gave the boys donuts with blue frosting on them for breakfast and this onesie that says "little bro" on it.  They are excited for a baby brother {due to arrive at the end of February}.
Here we go again!
So far this pregnancy has been my worst.  The morning sickness - which really translates to ALL day and ALL night sickness - has been horrible.  That might just be due to the fact that we moved {yes, I was pregnant and just starting to get sick when we moved out of our Turnberry Woods house} or that it has been an exceptionally hot summer.  Or that we are building a house and general contracting it our selves! I will probably never know, all I know is I have felt miserable!

I finally decided to talk to my doctor about medication for the morning sickness.  I know there are others who get way more sick then I am {I don't know how they do it} but I finally came to the realization that my family was suffering big time and it didn't seem fair.

After a couple of weeks trying different combinations I think we have finally figured out a formula of medications that I take at night.  I am doing so much better now, I still get the sickest at night.  It's always a race to get everyone dinner and in bed before I crash!  That is why this blog is so far behind, I have been so sick I can't even stand to look at a TV screen or computer monitor.  
Little hand waving "hi"

I have definitely had more cravings this pregnancy.  Nothing weird, just very specific foods I can stomach and lots that I can't.  Mostly I crave Kneaders soup.  All summer long in 100 degree weather I have been eating Kneaders soup.  The other things I can not get enough of is citrus fruit.  Usually you are told to stay away from soup and citrus if you are sick - but for some reason I am the opposite and can not get enough!

I have also been buying anything peppermint I can get my hands on to help with the nausea.  One day I went to the store and rummaged down every single isle looking for items with peppermint in them.  Soup, shampoo, candy, gum, lotion, chocolate, ice cream, detergent, you name it - I bought it! 
Because this pregnancy has been so different then my other two {which were very similar} my doctor was convinced it was a girl.  When I went in this week with the ultrasound showing it was a boy he was shocked!  And speaking of Dr. Haderlie he was so happy for us when we went in for our initial "I'm pregnant" appointment.  He is our family doctor so he see's us all for pretty much everything and has delivered both our boys - it was nice to have his support {not that it really matters or that he wouldn't be supportive, it was just nice to share in the excitement with him}.

One other quick story about going to the doctors that I want to remember.
I took Bodie to one of my appointments and at that point we hadn't told the kids yet that we were having a baby {we waited to tell them until we found out the gender}.  I mentioned under my breath to Dr. Haderlie that Bodie didn't know about the baby - I didn't think Bodie would pick up on anything.  When I laid down on the table so we could check the babies heartbeat Bodie immediately stood up in his chair and asked "why is there a heartbeat in your belly mom?"  Dr. Haderlie immediately started to laugh and questioned if I really thought I could sneak it past Bodie.  I was not expecting that out of Bodie so I did not have a little white lie ready.  Luckily Dr. Haderlie immediately said it was a blood vessel in my stomach that he was listening to.  Bodie went with it.
I am not a fan of these 4D pictures - they just look so weird to me.

When McKay left on his mission he made me promise that when we decided to have another baby that we would tell him first.  The first couple of times we went to the doctors they couldn't find a heart beat so we kept everything to ourselves.  I am always so worried about telling people I am pregnant and then miscarrying.  Week after week Gregg and I would go into the doctors every Monday morning and still no heartbeat {it was the same way with my pregnancy with Truman}.  It got to the point where they asked if I wanted to do an ultra sound but, honestly I didn't want to spend the $700 - I figured if they determined I was miscarrying there was nothing they could do about it anyway - I would just wait.  Finally at about 14 weeks we heard the heartbeat - clear as day - it was such a relief.  At that point I rushed a letter off to Mexico letting McKay know he was going to be an uncle again {then he had to keep it a secret until we told him he could say something in one of his letters about it}.

Gregg and I are both really excited about having another boy.  Honestly, all you can hope for is a healthy baby - we both didn't care what the gender was.  Now that we know it's a boy it feels really easy, we already have everything we need {but diapers}!