Saturday, September 28, 2013

General Relief Society Meeting.

Tonight my cousins and I attended the General Relief Society Meeting at the Conference center.  My cousin Lindsey is in town from Nevada so it made for the perfect excuse to leave our kids with our husbands and have a little girls night out.
One of Lindsey's best friends from Fallon moved to the Heber valley a little over a year ago - we were introduced when her daughter was on our softball team this summer {small world}.  It was fun to have Chelsea with us - I would take her as a cousin any day!
Look how close we were!  It's hard NOT to feel the spirit in that building.

I don't know what happened or what we are looking at but this is kind of a funny outtake.
April Trent, Chelsea Chambers, Lindsey Schank, me.

After the meeting we went out for Cafe Rio and then returned home after the pleading phone calls from April's husband - begging her to come nurse the baby :)

What a great evening out - and what great talks reminding me that being a mother is the most wonderful job {because sometimes we need reminders}!

{photo credit: Lindsey Schank}