Wednesday, December 14, 2011


I received an email this morning that said "Happy Birthday" and it had all these pictures attached!
I usually do Friday Flashbacks on Friday {!} but today is a party day so I am going to post them today!

Tonight at about 6:15 I ran into my girlfriends house to use her bathroom and pickup some movies that my brother-in-law wanted to borrow.  I was confused when my girlfriend opened the door and told me "no" I couldn't use the bathroom.  All of the sudden my friends AND family jumped out from the living room and started singing Happy Birthday ... I started to cry.

I was shocked and had NO IDEA that almost everyone I knew {including all our Young Woman} where in on the biggest birthday party surprise ever.  Gregg got me good.

Thank you everyone for the birthday wishes and for making me feel so loved.

PS- In case you were wondering ... I turned 30.