Sunday, December 25, 2011


Christmas at Hopkinsons in pictures. Enjoy!
It was a late, late night for Santa and the elves.
Evidence that he came!
iPhone 4S for mom.
Enoch said we are officially in the 'footed pajama club'
upgraded basketball hoop for Truman from dad.
GoPro video camera for McKay {see his first video HERE or see below}.

{its a video camera you mount to your helmet or chest and video while you ski, play, bike, swim, etc.  Perfect gift for McKay - I am looking forward to many, many more great videos!}.
 kayaks for the Hopinsons.
 Truman giving his gift to dad... excited he is jumping up and down...
 ...big cheesy hugs from dad...
 Truman was adimate that we get Gregg some tennis balls for Christmas despite me trying to talk him into getting golf balls.
 ski's for Enoch.
Truman's favorite movie.
 New Years Breakfast {for Christmas Breakfast} by Gregg.
 Quinn and Addie.
 Jean and Anna.
 Truman and Enoch.
 our best attemped at a Hopkinson family photo.
Quinn, Enoch, Aaron, Tiffany, Anna, Jean, Addie