Wednesday, March 2, 2011


I discovered eBay.  I know what you are saying...its about time {Gregg said I was 15 years too late}.  I know about eBay but the whole 'bidding' thing drives me crazy so I never buy anything from there.  

Here is the story.  About 5 years ago our neighbor in Park City was dying.  My mom inherited his stamp collection.  It has been sitting in her basement ever since.  She said who ever sold it could have the money - so around Christmas time something possessed me to get the collection from her and see what I could do with it.  I didn't have any luck finding stamp appraisers in the greater Salt Lake area.  I posed it on to see what kind of reaction I would get.  I came in contact with a guy who is a stamp enthusiast who agreed to meet with me and Gregg and look at the collection.

He recommend that we would get the most money by organizing the collection and selling it on eBay in smaller parts.  So I spent most of February {yes, it took an entire month} organizing and photographing the collection and posting it.

{I had a few people from offer me $250 for the collection & I was temped to just take the money and be done with it}.

Pictured above: the boxes and boxes of stamps.
Pictured below: The most expensive stamps in the collection! (who would have known)

It turned into my February project to get the stamp collection sold and out of my house.  It was almost like a full time job.  I would work on the organization, pictures and listings in the afternoon when Truman was down for a nap.  

When all was said and done I had 72 listings of stamps on eBay and I made $1,050  - it defiantly felt worth my time!
It was a fun winter-time project and I learned how to sell on eBay {still don't like buying on eBay}!