Friday, March 18, 2011

bed time.

Well - we did it - we made the move to the big bed.  To be totally honest I did not feel ready.

A few days ago Truman front flipped out of his crib at nap time {see this post}.  The next night when I went to check on him he had flipped out of his crib {without us hearing} and crawled into the big bed and was fast asleep.  Too cute!  He had even taken off the decorative pillows and put his own pillow in the bed.

My mom took Truman for a few hours for me so I could clean out, vacuum and set up his 'new' room with his 'new bed' {we have had two twin beds bunked in his room the entire time he has been in there.  I un-bunked them, put away the crib and rearranged the room}.  Now I am just waiting for the night when he moves from bed to bed {the other bed is on the other side of the book shelf set up the same will be Bodies bed some day}!

Truman's addition to the room - a basketball hoop hanging next to his bed - I don't think so...he would never fall asleep!!!  The basketball / football / baseball / soccer sheets are distracting enough at night!