Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Bodie Robert Simons.

Bodie Robert Simons
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On Wednesday, March 2nd I went in for my weekly check up with my doctor.  I was dilated to a 3 and 75% effaced.  I was pleased to hear that I had started to progress.  Thursday I had very mild contraction about every hour to hour and a half.  I had been at my parents house working on projects all day.  That night I took a bath and tried to relax {after making banana bread, doing the laundry, getting out baby clothes, packing a hospital bag and vacuuming the house just in case I went into labor}.

At about midnight on Thursday night/ Friday morning I woke up to some painful contractions.  I timed them for about two hours before waking up Gregg.  My contractions were every 8-10 minutes.  I had Gregg go sleep in the guest bedroom so he could actually get some sleep.  At about 3 AM I called my sister {I know, I did the same thing last time...but...she always makes me promise to call and I didn't feel that bad because she has a 2 week old baby so I figured she might be nursing, which she was}.  I was seriously contemplating going to the hospital to be checked but Tiff talked me into waiting until morning.  I decided to get up and do some things around the house {I was curious to see if contractions would stop if I got up and moved around - but they didn't}.  

I managed to dose off between 4-6 and get a little bit of sleep.  When Gregg got up I told him I had been having contractions 8-10 minutes apart all night and that I wanted to go get checked as soon as I my doctor got in.  At about 9 we dropped Truman off at Gregg's sisters' house and headed to the doctors.  Gregg later told me that he thought I was crazy for wanting to go in and get checked - he figured we would be sent home and I would be so disappointed {my due date was still 2 weeks away}.

When my doctor checked me in his office at about 10 AM I was dilated to a 5 and 100% effaced.  He stripped my membranes and wheeled me over to the hospital to have a baby.  I think Gregg and I were both in shock {I really was mentally prepared for him to check me, say I had progressed a little and then send me home}.   

By 11 AM I was checked into the hospital, hooked up, had an epidural in and was managing the pain just fine.  The pain was seriously never as bad as with Truman {I am guessing because Truman was posterior}.  The only really bad part about this labor and deliver {as well as with Truman's} was that I threw up the entire time.  My mom had come to Midway to pick up Truman and take him to her house so she stopped by the hospital to check on us.  I sent her to the store to pick up some prescriptions for me and, by the time she got back I had had the baby.  I never believed anyone who said they didn't have to push their baby out, especially considering the hours of pushing I did to get Truman here.  I have to admit - it happened with Bodie.  I sat up to push and here he came pretty much all on his own.  

So far everything is great.  We came from the hospital a little less then 24 hours after having him.  My recovery so far has felt much better then with Truman.  He is a great nurser and sleeper {so far}!  Truman doesn't really have any interest in Bodie at all.  He is only concerned when Bodie's hat falls off.  
Thank you everyone for your well wishes and support!  I am sure there are many, many more Bodie and Truman pictures to come!

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