Thursday, June 3, 2010

the face of sickness.

Tonight I took Truman to the doctor after 24 hours of him being miserable.  You feel so bad when you can tell they don't feel well but you have no idea what is wrong.  Then you worry the doctor is going to look at you like you are a fool and tell you nothing is wrong with your child.  Then what?

After deliberating with my "free" doctor {my older wiser sister who has 4 kids} a million different times today I finally decided to just take him in.

We have our first ear infection and, just like me, Truman does not do pain!
{not to mention a cold, nasty cough, and THREE one year molars coming in all at the same time}
Trumans favorite yoga pose, downward dog.
He was doing this all afternoon.
He learned this week that cupboards open and that there is fun stuff inside to pull out.
This is what our room looked like tonight.  Nate {our second son for the summer} chilling in our bed eating ice cream and watching the Lakers game with Truman and Gregg.

Go Lakers :)