Sunday, June 27, 2010

book club.

Last weekend we had book club and I need to post about it.  We got together to discuss Candide by Voltaire at Bonnie's house.  It was an interesting book that I probably would not have chosen to read on my own. but that is the great thing about our book group.  It was written in 1750 and is about philosophy, music and French food.  Bonnie is an amazing cook.  She made us a baby greens and pear salad with cheese soufflé to start, then cocotte bonne femme (roasted chicken and potatoes) for the main course and strawberry fruit tart for dessert, all from the Julia Child cook book.  Yummy.    

I am giving this book two stars out of five.  I would LOVE to see the play.

For the summer we are reading The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins.

First I need to finish the fourth twilight, Breaking Dawn.

Thanks Bonnie for a great dinner and good company.