Thursday, October 29, 2015

School Halloween Party.

Today I was in charge of Truman's class Halloween party.
I was SO happy that the school decided to allow the kids to wear their costumes to school, we did this as kids and I love the memories associated with it.  Before the class party the school did a costume parade for parents around the neighborhood. 

Pictured above are the two first grade dual immersion classes together.
Jake and Truman.
cute Mrs. Cook with some of the kids.
And they are off around the neighborhood.
There were parents and siblings lining the entire block.
I didn't even recognize our cousins Stella and Presley until they yelled out my name.
I LOVED their costumes.
After the school costume parade we went into the cafeteria for a little party.
We set up different stations for the kids to rotate to.
A mom read Halloween books to the kids - they LOVED it.
I love how all the kids are leaning in on the table listening closely to the stories.
Another mom read a story in Spanish about the Day of the Dead - we were trying to incorporate the Spanish culture as well.
Her face paint and costume were awesome.
My friend Cami volunteered to do the craft which was these cute skeletons.
This table was Halloween bingo.
Another station was wrapping the teachers up like mummies - the teachers were such good sports about it and the kids loved it.
Maestro Shepherd
Mrs. Cook
Things got exciting when our mummies came alive!

Donna did a 'pin the nose' on the pumpkin
Sugar cookie decorating.
Gregg helped make the witches brew to serve the kids - they loved it.
Bodie always loves when he gets to tag along and pretend like he is a 1st grader!
These kids are so cute - we had such a fun afternoon.