Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Isn't she cute!

Isn't she cute!
Today we told the kids we were taking them on a special date - we took them to my ultrasound to see their new baby sister.  We hadn't told anyone up to this point that we were expecting because we wanted to wait until we knew what we were having.  Here is a video of Gregg asking the kids what they think we are having.
It feels a little crazy having another baby right now, especially because Pete is still so small and not entirely healthy but some promptings you just can not deny despite our 'own' plans.  We both know this baby girl is suppose to come to our family and we both know she is suppose to come now, that we can not deny.  I have also felt like we were having a girl from the beginning although I didn't tell anyone that {not even Gregg}.

So far my pregnancy has been awesome which is such a blessing - I was gearing up to have a sick summer/fall but on the contrast I have felt perfectly fine.

Blurred out in the back of this picture is a cupcake with purple and pink frosting - to tell my closes girlfriends that I was expecting and that it was a girl I took cupcakes to a lunch date with them - it was fun to celebrate with them.

I guess it is the year of the girls.  Anthony {my brother} and Sharon had baby Ester in July, Tiffany {my sister} and Aaron had baby Valley in August,  Krista {Gregg's sister} and Matt are having a girl this month, Nate {my brother} and Lauren are having a girl in November, Brad {Gregg's brother} and Amber are having a girl in February, and Becka {Gregg's sister} and Eric are due with a girl two weeks before us!

She will have SO many girl cousins her age ... now if we just all lived by each other!!!

Coming late March 2016.