Sunday, October 4, 2015

General Conference.

General Conference weekend was really low key this year.  My parents are out of town {which felt really weird to not have them around} so we got together at Hopkinson's to watch {and play}.
 My mom was missing everyone so she asked me to send pictures of everyone.
McKay playing Anna's violin.
 Aaron working hard on some projects.
 Baby Valley.
 McKay 'listening'
The most exciting thing that happened all weekend was when Truman accidentally stabbed my eye with his Harry Potter wand that the kids carved out of wood.  Luckily it caught my contact {right in the center of my eye} and then my contact moved with the wood as it scrapped across my eye.  Aaron home teaches his neighbor who is a retired ophthalmologist so we walked over to his house to have it checked out.  He put some steroid drops in it and said I should be fine - its just really sore.