Sunday, October 18, 2015

Fall Break in Vegas.

We ditched school a few days early to start our fall break in Las Vegas.
The kids have been sick so it felt so good to get out of town and go somewhere warmer, we all needed the break.

{somehow I forgot my nice camera on this vacation :(  so all photos are from my iphone}
Pete LOVES the pool and the sand.
Best kid pool ever.
Everyone was so happy to be in the pool and to be in warmer weather.
Ditching some school to eat fries by the pool :)
Life is good.
Bodie + Fries + Pool = Happiness.
King of the pool.
After a fun first day in the sun and water the kids snuggled into bed early and watched a movie.
The second day we drove down to Hoover Dam.  Apparently it had been a while since we had driven in these parts because Gregg and I were both in awe of this new bridge.  We had to stop and ask someone about its construction ... as in HOW did they build that?!
This is the first time I had done the dam tour - it was incredible.
Truman's evidence that he was learning things while ditching school.
Bodie was convinced when we took that elevator down to the middle of the dam that we were really in the middle of the earth - this is the picture he wanted to send back to his teachers and class mates.
These boys have the minds of their dad - they wanted to know exactly how everything inside the dam worked.
Good thing there dad is smart enough to explain it to them!
One morning we took the kids to M&M world.
Kid heaven.
Bodie is my candy kid.  He takes after me.
I was in heaven!!!
We especially liked the Star War's combinations.
This picture is for Uncle Matt.
M&M world 3D movie was a first for the kids and such a huge hit.
Gregg and I had more fun watching the kids' reactions to the movie then the movie itself.
The boys both got new Lego cars to build.
The place we stayed had the best kids room with toys and games and crafts throughout the day. We did at least one of the crafts a day.
We played lots of frisbee at the pool.
Pete splashing away.
Pete's turn to catch the frisbee, it's never to early to start!

We spent one entire day at the Children's Discovery Museum.
It was amazing, the kids loved it.  
There was a special room just for toddlers so Pete and I spent lots of time in there.  There were so many great sensory things for him.  I need a room like this in my house.
Truman learning how a tornado works and feeling what one might feel like.
Building his own Lego dam.
Bodie seeing how strong he is - can he pull the yellow car up off the ground?
Pete took a nap in the car for the afternoon after trying to keep up with his brothers all morning.
Bodie's favorite exhibit was the grocery store, he may have found his future career.
Another day at the pool, this time on the lazy river.
Pete was so happy in the water.
And so was Truman.
An extra special movie night in bed watching the new InsideOut movie.
Our final destination before heading home was to the Las Vegas temple.
He always wants to pull a funny face in pictures.
It was a great fall vacation.
Just what the doctor ordered, some quality family time and sunny warm weather.