Friday, September 18, 2015

Tami's 40th Birthday Surprise.

Tonight some of my friends and I hosted a surprise birthday party for our good friend Tami.  She is turning 40 and we wanted to do something big.
We have been planning this dinner party for weeks and today it all came together.
I snapped a few pictures on my iphone throughout the day while we worked on setting things up.
Sign in table with drinks and appetizers.
Final preparations.
At every place setting we had a list of facts about life 40 years ago plus some 'fill in the blank' facts about Tami's life.
I wish I would have taken some good pictures with my big camera - at least I remembered to snap these.
We lucked out with some beautiful weather.
Here is a picture taken from inside the house.
Everyone arrived right on time and hung out here by the appetizers while we waited from Tami to arrive.
To get her to my house we made up some story about how the local newspaper was interviewing me about motherhood {ha, she bought it} and that they wanted a picture of me with some friends of mine in my backyard.  The reason for telling her our photo was going to be taken was because we wanted to make sure she dressed nice ... not that she doesn't ever look nice... we knew she would want to have fresh lipstick!

The two other ladies that planned the party with me picked her up at her house to all carpool over to my house but they had to buy a little bit of time so that the husbands could then all carpool over and be here for the big surprise.  Amazingly we pulled it off.
Pictured above is Tami in the middle walking around the side of my house.
She was totally surprised!
The sun set as we all sat down for dinner.
We served Cafe Rio pulled pork salads with all the toppings you could want.
Brandon was awesome during all the planning and preparations - the hardest part of the planning was talking to him without Tami knowing!!
Everyone signed little cards for her Project Life book as a gift.
She deserved this celebration more than anyone I know - she is such a good friend to everyone.
After dinner everyone migrated over to the fire-pit where we build a massive fire to keep warm.
It was so much fun to be with so many great people - laughing and talking.
Tami wanted a picture with everyone so we filed inside to get a picture in some better light.
Late night clean up snack!

Happy Birthday Tami - so happy the surprise was a good one!