Saturday, September 5, 2015

Swiss Days 10K.

Running the Swiss Days 10K is quickly becoming a tradition.
{Kristin, Kathryn, Tami and Me (10 weeks pregnant with #4) - I am thankful they included me as one of their sisters}
My friend Tami and I have a pretty regular running routine in the summer, having the 10K in sight is always motivational!  She has her big Ragnar (2nd one of the year) in another month so this is also a good bench-mark run for her {and her sisters}.
 They all have cute matching motivational running quotes on their shoes.
The best part of the run was seeing Gregg and the boys who came out to cheer us on at about mile 5 which was close to our house.  Gregg looks thrilled to be there in this picture! Ha! I almost didn't see them as we came around the corner.
Tami and I stayed together the entire run, we pushed hard and finished strong.  We went back to find her sisters and cheer them on to the finish ... Tami ran and I took pictures :)
Later in the day I did some Swiss Day's shopping with Addie and Quinn - thank goodness for nieces.
 Tiff and her HUGE FHE box - all the lessons and props you need for a year in one box.
 22,546 steps in one day ... I'm exhausted tonight.