Wednesday, September 30, 2015


September according to my iphone.
My mom used to buy us these markers when we were kids so when I saw them in the store I had to buy them for my kids - biggest childhood flashbacks smelling all those markers.
This is often the way the kitchen bar looks with all the crafting supplies out.
Samples for a new clients custom contemporary house in Promontory.

This cute girl in our neighborhood asked if I would braid her hair for her Swiss Days concert.
Bodie taking a bath at grandma Quinn's and using the green bath salt he got at Swiss Days.
Cousins playing make believe.
My all time favorite cookie.
Quinn Family tradition - Sunday night spam sandwiches by my dad.
{this pictures sparked a funny conversation on our family hangout}
Now we know why Aaron bought such a big car ... he needed to be able to haul all this toys.
Bodie LOVES carrots, especially ones straight out of the garden.
Pete is loving the summer corn.
Dallin and Pete swimming.
A super nice and unexpected gift in the mail from clients.
New fall kicks.
Bodie doing some work at school.
Our 'babysitter' {Grandpa Bob} asleep in our bed one night when we got home.
I spent an entire evening putting up this picture collage in the office but then decided I didn't like it so I took it all down.  I am having the hardest time hanging  pictures in this house.
Sunday naps.
I taught Pete how to get this step stool and stand on it so he can see the kids playing.
Taught Pete this cool new tub trick.
Pete needs this bear.
We have been reading the Fudge series, tonight Truman asked if he could stay up late with Gregg trying to finish.
Upside down picture ....
Another unexpected gift in the mail from clients.
SO NICE!  Wow.
Still working on hanging pictures.  For now these frames have pictures of our family hiking this summer but eventually I have other plans for them ...
This fall weather has been SO nice - our yard has been so happy.
 The night before my crazy weekend happened {with Tami's surprise party and my grandpa's funeral in Idaho} I went up to Logan for the wedding reception of this beautiful bride who I graduate from Rick's Interior Design with.  It was fun to see these ladies who I spent 4 years in school with.
 "Fall" clean out of the boys room.  I keep the bedrooms pretty simple with no toys.  We just added the magnet boards on the wall to the sides on their beds.  The thought behind it is for them to hang inspirational pictures and things to remind them that they can 'do hard things' even at a young age {trying to build some self confidence}.
 I also cleaned out their closet - it feels so good.
 First world problems :(
So sad.
 Enjoying a watermelon from Grandma Quinn's garden with friends.
 Pete loves it.
 Friday movie night in mom and dad's bed.
 The beginnings of broccoli, leak, mushroom soup - one of my favorites.
 I am usually a stickler about bed time but I let the kids stay up really late to see the blood moon lunar eclipse.  It did not disappoint.
 He ate the entire carton of raspberries from grandma's garden.  I am starting to see a trend here ... he loves the fresh garden food.
 For family night we hung up the pictures of the prophets and apostles in preparation for General Conference.  I was going to throw away the three cards from the apostle we have lost but Truman insisted on hanging them up high in Heaven!
 It cost a lot of money to send stuff to my brother and his family in Japan so I was SO SAD when this package of precious American candy was returned to me three months after I sent it :(
Why have one when two is twice as good?!

And that was September.