Thursday, October 10, 2013

The driveway.

Oh, where do I start.

Today was not my best day ever.

I was home with the boys when I got a call from Gregg {who was in SL} telling me I needed to rush over to the new house because a dog {who shall remain nameless} had run through our wet cement.  
Unfortunately I was not surprised by the news - "the dog" has been a problem at the new house the entire building process.  In fact Gregg had called the owners yesterday to let them know we would be pouring our driveway today and asked if they would please keep the dog inside/leashed up {by the way it is Midway City law to always have your dog on a leash}.
 My father-in-law met me at the house as my 'back up' since he saw the incident and I didn't have Gregg there to help me figure things out.  I also called the HOA manager and animal control on my way over.  I was so upset - to put it mildly! 

It has been SO wet and rainy here that it has been hard to get our driveway poured, and at this point it has started to hold up other things like landscaping and exterior finish work.  Once the rain finally stopped we could not get our flat-work guy to call us back and schedule a time to do our driveway, stairs and sandbox.  Finally about a week ago I started asking around for recommendations for a new contractor.  After meeting with and looking over bids we hired a guy from Park City to come do the work for us and he graciously squeezed us into his packed schedule.

I say all that to give a little perspective to how happy we were to finally be getting our driveway poured - then this happened.
Our cement guy came over to try and "work out" the paw prints.  The dog was 'ticketed' by animal control and I cried.  I know, silly thing to cry over - it was just such a long time coming {the actual driveway}, so many other subs have been backed up because of it, I am tired, and pregnant, and the drive way cost almost $10,000 - now I have paw prints in it - and we don't like dogs.
 Truman made this sign while listening to me on the phone all afternoon with the HOA, animal control and Gregg.  He knew I was upset and was trying to help out.

I love his picture of the dogs ... with 6 legs and an "X" through them.  And that he wrote "No Dogs"
He asked if we could hang this sign on our driveway!  GLADLY!
At Gregg's request I had already made this sign and had it up at the end of the driveway along with caution tape.
Later today I found this cute note from Truman - I think he felt my pain today.