Thursday, October 31, 2013


This year for Halloween we were going to have two 'army men' but when it came right down to it {a.k.a. this morning} Bodie wanted to be a skeleton.  Mother's intuition.  I knew this would be the case so I was prepared with army get-up and skeleton pj's for both boys.

{The reason Truman is holding a pepperoni stick is because they were both so excited for Halloween and school that they wanted nothing to do with their breakfast - so when they wanted to walk down to Grandma Quinn's house before school to trick-or-treat at her house I made a sneaky phone call to her and asked if she would please give them something other then candy to start the day - she had made really cute special candies for them that she gave them later}.
My cute little skeleton.
Truman the army man and Miss. Lisa the cat.
He got to take a small toy for everyone in his class.
His cute class all ready for a Halloween party.
The letter "g" Truman's goofy ghost {his footprint upside down}.
Bodie the skeleton and Miss. Mignonne the nice witch.
Bodie also got to take a small treat to share with his class.
Here are a few of the girls in his class.
Bodie's candy-corn picture.  He told me how he had one candy-corn to look at and not eat so he could glue the colors in the right place.  He was pretty proud of himself for not eating the candy-corn.

Gregg and I both kind of felt like bad parents when we strapped our kids into the car with Grandma Quinn and shipped them off to Herriman to trick-or-treat with their cousins.  I was planning on taking them down myself and spending the afternoon/evening enjoying all the fun Halloween festivities, but there is SO much that needs to be done on the house.  We both decided to stay home and work on the new house until late - me cleaning and Gregg doing electrical stuff.  We turned off all the front lights so we wouldn't get trick-or-treaters but we still had tons!  I felt bad we didn't have any candy ... I just told them, 'we don't live here yet, we are just working late ... sorry ... come back next year'.  And then Gregg would yell out the front door "we will have something really good next year"

Happy Halloween 2013.