Tuesday, October 29, 2013

House update.

I found these pictures of when the front steps were being poured a couple of weeks ago.  I am going to throw them in here.  Nice wide front steps!  Just they way I wanted it!
 This was the first section of the driveway that was poured - we had to make sure we got the slope right for the water run off.
 All our counter tops showed up a few days ago.  So exciting.  We selected this quartzite almost 9 months ago.  It was starting to come out of the quarry more and more gray so we hurried and snagged three slabs of it that we really liked.
Little counter top area between the fridge and freezer - microwave goes below.
These installers were so nice.  That stuff is heavy and they are setting it down on the cabinets like its no big deal!  They waited to 'cut out' the space for my stove until they installed the quartzite because it is one large slab and it could easily break.  I was just happy I won't have any seams in my counter tops {or on my island which I don't have a picture of}.
 My vanity.
This picture was taken standing at the front door looking down toward the kitchen, the great room is on the other side of the fireplace.
 My refrigerator and freezer sitting in the middle of the piano room.
Great room fireplace all prepped and ready for rock.
We have pretty much been running the fireplace for the last month trying to keep the house warm enough for paint.
The fireplace goes all the way up to the second floor and is double sided.
 The beams in the ceiling which were Gregg's idea and I love 100%
Master bedroom which also has a dark beam running down the center of the vault.
Master bathroom
 The office all covered and ready for paint.
And here is what the outside is looking like these days except the grass is all laid now.
{iphone photo}