Thursday, August 22, 2013

Wall Lake.

Today we headed up to Wall Lake in the Uinta National Forest to do a kid friendly hike, but not without first stopping at the Chevron in Kamas for their amazing "bear claw" donuts.
Grandpa, Grandma, Truman, Ira, Anthony, Bodie, Sharon, Eliot.
There were a few rain drops when we first started the hike.
I adore this picture!
Grandma and Grandpa Quinn with the boys!
Eliot, Bodie, Ira, Truman.
My little hiker!  He almost did the entire hike by himself with his backpack full of snacks to share.
  Truman was super excited about this entire pack of Oreo cookies he packed in to share!
Grandpa was showing the boys how to skip rocks in the lake.
 Bodie and Grandpa.

 Group shot thanks to auto-take.
me, grandma, grandpa, Truman, Ira, Bodie, Anthony, Sharon and Eliot.
Isn't it beautiful?!
 Me and the boys.
 Bodie and grandma were hiking buddies.
 Eliot really wanted to be big enough to hike on his own!
 Picture of me taking pictures.

My dad spotted a woodpecker in the trees which the kids all thought was pretty cool.
Here he is trying to help Bodie see it.

This is what I mean by, "hiked almost the entire thing" - with about a fourth of a mile left he asked me to hold him.  Within a minute of me picking him up he was fast asleep.
Good job little guy.