Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Bear Lake {day one}.

Every year we try and take a family camping trip with our friends the Robinsons.  We decided on Bear Lake last year and early this spring the day the camp sites became available I hurried and reserved some for us.

Gregg was on his phone and the kids were both asleep before we even left the driveway!
{iphone photos}
I am sure everyone that passed us got a kick out of our bikes on the back!
Relaxation for a few days!
We really need this.
 The kids loved the trackers that are used to back the boats into the water.
 We got to camp just in time to throw up the tent and work on dinner.
We made man burgers and hotdogs the first night.

 {Jorgan, Luci, Collin, Xander}
 For dessert we attempted to make croissants with pudding in them - until I left them over the fire to long :(
 Beautiful Bear Lake sunset.
 We are trying a new sleeping arrangement for the kids - they are sharing a queen blow-up that I turned side-ways.  Instead of zipping them in their sleeping bags {I think it restricks Bodie to much and is causing him to wake up at night} I put their bags over them with blankets - so it's a little more like a bed.