Saturday, August 17, 2013

The Reception.

There was a huge Park City summer rain storm that threatened the skies all afternoon - but right as the reception was about to start the skies cleared, the sun came out and it was a beautiful summer evening.
My aunt Ilene helping everyone get their flowers on right.

Bodie dancing the night away!  There was a live band that was a hit!
 The reception was at the Old Miners hospital in Park City {which was our library as kids growing up}.  Because of the nice weather there were people inside and out.
This is McKay's really good friend Jason Barth - this picture is for McKay on his mission.
And this is our dear family friend Mable.  She is the widow of one of the original Park City miners.  We grew up shoveling her walk and visiting her often - even thought she is 99 she was not about to miss Dallin's reception.  She always called Dallin her boyfriend {and even wrote him on his mission!} but now that he is married she said she is going to call McKay her boyfriend!!!
Eliot {who I think looks like his dad Anthony}
My cousin Jake and his family.
The little guy in the blue shirt is also Dallin - we call him "little Dallin" and our Dallin "big Dallin" although I am sure little Dallin is going to be taller then big Dallin some day :)
Even the bride has to eat!
Mable and my mom - they are good friends!
My mom will pick her up once a month or so and take her to lunch!
She is seriously part of the family - she loves the grandkids too and insisted on this picture.
Had to document the food!
Us with our nephew Ira - who we only get to see about once a year - he was super content sitting on our lap getting some loves!
The boys! They look so sharp.
Bodie, Enoch, Truman, Ira, Eliot.
They boys with their uncle Dallin.
The teenagers doing their job.
We sent the happy couple off on a 21 day honeymoon {lucky!}
What a great day.
I sent Gregg and the boys home to go to bed while I helped clean up.
When I got home this is what I found!

It was a big day for everyone.