Friday, August 3, 2012


For Father's Day these dads got an afternoon at the shooting range with a tactical defense trainer.  Tonight was the night of their training and it was a blast {yes, I got to tag along and learn all about guns too!}

{Gregg's dad, little brother and brother-in-law}
When we learned how to aim at the head for the kill our "targets" heads blew up with red spray paint - it was a nice affect and shocked us all.
We learned all sorts of drills - this one was taking our first shot behind us before turning around to shooting at our suspect.
Brad and I won prices for the best shot {he did work for the FBI...}
The white part of the target was the 'good guy' and the green was the suspect that we were trying to shoot at - the green 'suspect' would move.
In this drill we were all lined up with our own targets and then our trainer {Don} would yell out a shape and color we had to shoot at.
Shot as it entered the watermelon ... 
exit wound.

Men's shoot out.

At the end we all got to shoot Don's Robinson Arms AK 47 pistol {that he carries at all times!)

And of course the guys wanted a video of me shooting it for the first time - I have good aim!
Brad's gun {one of them} 
I don't know what it is called.
little shot on the bottom right as it enters... it leaves.
Here are all the shells we picked up after.
It was a great training and I highly, highly recommend it - especially as a gift for the guy you don't know what to get.  It was fun for Gregg to be out on the range with his brother and dad.