Saturday, August 18, 2012

Cuberant Lake.

We hiked to Cuberant Lake in the Uinta's today with my parents.  
Next year Truman will be hiking, not riding.
Look at that view!
That is Bald Mountain in the background.
 First lake we came to with lots of lilies.
On the trail {taken with my mom's iphone} I carried Bodie who slept on the way in and on the way out {you can see his hands dangling by my side}.  Gregg carried Truman who slept on the way out.
 Sharing lunch with dad.
Throwing rocks into the lake was the main lunchtime entertainment for all the boys.
My dad skipping rocks.
Grandpa Quinn teaching Truman how to find flat rocks and skip them.
A series of pictures of Gregg's rock skipping across the lake.
 My mom liked Gregg's hiking shirt - actually, she had forgotten that she bought it for him years ago.