Tuesday, August 28, 2012


We spend the last couple of days at my sisters house with her family.  Truman had been asking me for weeks if he could go to 'Jean's house'
Here we are at church with all 7 kids!  Tiffany leads the music so Aaron and I had to hold down the bench.
Enoch has this amazing talent of climbing the door casings.  He's pretty good at it.
Truman and Enoch were buddies this time.
Addie practicing piano before school - I remember the days!
Enoch made breakfast for everyone - pancakes.
What a cute kid.  He is the only boy in the family ...
Enjoying some fresh morning air.
And Bodie adores Addie - she is so patient with him.
Walking the kids to the school bus.
Jean getting a ride from Truman
Anna's hair is finally long enough for two pony-tails.  So cute!  Good thing Tiff {and her girls} let me do their hair!
Enoch was playing around with his backpack and this pole before his kindergarten bus came and he ended up tying himself to the pole - he had the most concerned look on his face when he realized he couldn't get himself undone.
Good bye hugs at the bus stop the last morning.