Sunday, August 12, 2012


Yes!!!  It is that wonderful time of life when Bodie is finally {almost} old enough for nursery.  Hooray!
This month I am helping in nursery every week as the "cookie grandma"  I get to go in for about 10 minutes, read the kids some stories and give them cookies! Last week I left Bodie for the last 45 minutes and he was a champ {despite not having any naps before church ... we are still doing two naps a day so he was exhausted}.  If we want to get technical he really should not be going to nursery for 23 more days, but who is counting?!
Today Gregg and I substituted for the normal nursery leaders who are out of town, so Bodie got his first 2 hour nursery experience. 
"...eyes, ears, mouth and nose!"
"Once there was a snowman.."
"I am like a star"
The music lady that comes in to do music is amazing!  I must say I am totally in-love with the way our nursery is run.  There are two nurseries {so normally Bodie and Truman will not be in the same class - with subs today we put all the kids together},and they run such a structured schedule during those two hours - it is awesome.
"I am a child of God"
Some of Trumans friends.
It kind of makes me wish I was in Nursery!