Sunday, February 12, 2012

Snow, finally!

Snow, finally!  I think it caught us all off guard, including our HOA {who is suppose to shovel our roads, driveways and stairs}.  At about 10:40 Tara {Gregg's older sister who lives across the street} yelled across the street to Gregg and asked if we thought she could make it to church in her Lexus.  Gregg yelled back from our master bedroom window "yes".  We watched as she backed out of her driveway and slide right into our front yard.  Opps.  She tired and tired and tried to get unstuck with no luck.  Finally Gregg and Dallin changed out of their church clothes and went to shovel her out.  Meanwhile I changed Truman and Bodie from their church clothes into their snow clothes.  After shoveling a path across the entire street and her entire driveway Tara was able to pull back into her garage {by this time about three other men from the ward/neighborhood showed up to help}.
Next they guys headed down the street with a tow rope in hand to help this car ... our neighbor {who is also currently 'investigating' the Mormon church}.  I think she appreciated the good deed.
By the time we had shoveled out everyone who had managed to get themselves "stuck" the plow made it to our road.  We changed back into Sunday clothes and headed to church .. a little over an hour late!
{thanks Dallin for the picture and documenting that we actually made it}.
After church and naps we promised Truman we would go play in the snow.  He was so excited!  We walked down to grandpa and grandma Simons house to plow them out before grandma returned from her trip down south {grandpa is still out of town}.
 Bodie watched all the excitement from the stroller all bundled up!
I think Gregg has plowed his parents driveway more then his dad this winter
{his dad always seems to be gone when it snows}.
Taking it all in - on grandmas unplowed driveway.
I think I know what we will be doing tomorrow!