Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Greggs Day.

Happy Birthday Gregg!
A week ago I asked Gregg what he wanted to do for his birthday - he said, "take Truman skiing" - so we did.  We borrowed some skis from a friend and took Truman to Sundance for his first skiing experience {thanks mom for watching Bodie}.
 Going up the tow rope with dad.
 Look how hard he is concentrating!
 Truman liked going "really fast" down the "big hill" with dad!
 He liked having me pull him around at the bottom of the hill.
 {a man walked by with a really nice lens on his camera so I asked him if he would take a family photo for us, this is what we got.  I thought with all his nice equipment that he might know what he was doing ... I was picturing a nice vertical shot with the mountains and ski hill in the back ground, not a chin shot!}
Truman waiting for dad to load the ski's into the car so we could go get a treat at the Sundance shop.
We had a successful first day of skiing, we will see if he wants to go again anytime soon.  The weather was beautiful.  The rest of Greggs birthday was fun and spontaneous.