Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Etiquette dinner.

Tonight for mutual we hosted an etiquette dinner.  The youth came dressed in their Sunday best.  We started by teaching the men how to go to the ladies house and pick her up, introduce himself to her parents, how to walk her to the car, open the door, etc.
Thanks Bishop for letting us use your awesome car -it makes for a nice ride!
 We asked a couple in our ward to teach our etiquette dinner.  They sat in the middle of the square at a very formal table and taught the kids and answered questions as the adults served the food.
{I seriously love my young woman ... it made my heart melt to see everyone dressed up and excited to learn}
 Too scared to eat - they were so worried about making a mistake!
They started with a salad and rolls.
Lucky Ana had two dates!
My favorite part was when the priests asked if this counted as a date.  My reply was "if you use what you learned and take your date home it will."
 Next it was on to spaghetti ... now that is hard!
I didn't get a picture of dessert, it was fresh berries with vanilla ice cream.
Our etiquette couple! Thank you!
These two informed that they made a "pinky promise" to go on a date together once they are 16!  Like that is going to be hard to keep!
I think the youth had a really great time.  We learned tons and maybe someday they will be thankful to know proper dating and dinner etiquette!

*side note: if you are thinking about doing this in your ward, it was really simple, didn't take a lot of prep and was very well received.  I can email you my planning document.

* Update to this post.  I have included the planning document below because I had so many request to send it out.  If you still have questions, feel free to leave a comment.  Good Luck!!!