Tuesday, October 4, 2011


 I have been saying for weeks that I wanted to take the kids to the zoo one last time before it got to cold.  It ended up being the perfect temperature today to go - mid 70's - and the zoo was not crowded at all.
 Gregg, Truman, Bodie and the stroller weighing in at 202 pounds ... like anyone really wants their weight compared to an animal at the zoo {that's why you don't see me on the scale}!
 Gregg told me to get on the rino for a picture - I was having a hard time getting up in a lady-like way with a skirt on - then once I got on I started to slip off the other size.  No good picture came of it.
 This Lynx cat was hanging out right by the fence providing a great view.  
 My favorite animal - since the second grade when I did a report on them.
 Bodie took it all in from the stroller - not a peep from him the entire time we were there.

I don't mind my height being compared to animals at the zoo!