Sunday, September 12, 2010

lake powell.

Gregg and I were invited on a week long, couples only Lake Powell trip.
What a blast and what a great week to go - the lake was practically empty because everyone is back in school.  
left to right: Bruce & Nikki Sue, Rosemary & Charly, Scott & Kristi, Cameren & Emily, Gregg & Camille.

Me and Kristi showing off our High School diving skills.

Cameren was an awesome wake boarder. 
Hole in the Rock.
This is the crack where the pioneers came down and hit the Colorado River {back in the day when there was no 'Lake Powell'}  We hiked up it one afternoon and I kept thinking the pioneers were crazy to try and come down it, but when you think about it there were huge rock cliffs everywhere else so when they saw the "hole in the rock" it was there only way down.  At the top you can still see the wagon wheel marks in the rocks.

The cool think is that today at Regional Conference Elder Holland told the story of the pioneers coming down hole in the rock and we had just hiked it three days prior.
This is the view from the top looking down on the lake.

Everyone at the top of an arch we hiked to...can't remember the name. 
Scott skiing after major knee surgery earlier this year.

The poop dock which we named the quacker.  Gregg and I getting ready to go use the toilets at the poop dock.
Me just as I was getting up on the water ski's.  I can't do any crazy tricks like everyone else...I played it pretty safe.
Gregg showing off his wake boarding skills after not being out in several years.
The house boat - we all slept on top one night {and laughed so hard our abs were sore - thanks Scott}.

Kristi showing off her skills after having her knee scoped one month ago!  
A hot shower...ahhh... {even though the water was 80 degrees}.
Emily the real pro.
Bruce with his wicked knee boarding tricks.
Everyone relaxing on the relaxinator! 
Opps...we ran out of gas in the speed boat and had to be towed to the gas dock.
We did several small hikes to look at ruins and arches.  So many cool places to explore at Lake Powell.

Scott showed us this awesome crack you can hike threw {I think its called Krisiti's crack}.  The picture on the left shows everyone hiking up the crack - then they hiked threw the crack about 200 yards.  The picture on the right shows them coming out {right at the old water line}.  They hiked down and then jumped into the lake {pictures below}.

Loading up the speed boat with all are empty gas cans after a fun week of playing!

PS- I finally finished Breaking Dawn, phew!