Sunday, February 26, 2017

Pete turns 3.

Our sweet little Pete turned three today.
Birthday mornings are the best.
Oh, here comes Norah!  She knew she was getting left out!!!
The birthday boy! Probable awake before he wanted to be.
It was all I could do to keep these kids {and Gregg} away from Pete so he could open his presents himself.
Case in point!!!
A shirt of Pete's favorite vehicles.
So many helpers.
A new fire truck.
And a new helmet.
It looks like the big kids approve of his helmet.
Norah likes the additional food we got for the play kitchen.
Gift from grandma and grandpa Simons.
Little buddies.
Nice morning hair Norah.
Oreo cake and sign made by Truman.
Oreo cake by aunt Rachel.
Gregg had to run to a presidency meeting so I was at home with the four kids trying to get us all ready for 11 o'clock church.
I got out of the shower to find this.
I wanted to be mad but I just couldn't, all he wanted was some dirt to play in - I get it.
And it's his birthday so I couldn't be mad.
I caught you Pete.
Loving his new trucks.
Happy Birthday sweet boy.
In just the last few days he has started to talk more and it's adorable.
He loved his big firetruck balloon.

Grandma and grandpa Quinn stopped by after church and gave Pete a new puzzle.
We sang happy birthday and he blew out his candles.
Pete with his cake from Truman.
I guess I should have turned the cake around for the picture so the three was going the right direction.

Pete is such a sweet three year old.
He finally started saying more words and phrases just a few weeks ago.  He weighs 26 pounds.  He loves to eat oatmeal, toast, peanut butter sandwiches, nuggets, fries, fruit, carrots, jello, juice that is orange and of course Oreo's.  He currently loves firetrucks, hot wheels and monster trucks - a true boy at heart.
We love you sweet Pete.
Happy Birthday.