Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Valentine's Day.

 Happy Valentine's Day.
We started our day with pink heart shaped pancakes.
 And lots of red fruit.
 Truman and Bodie's Valentine's to each other.
Pete coloring in his new coloring book.
This was the first year that we had a "make-a-Valentine box" assignments.  Truman knew immediately what he wanted to do, he got straight to work on it over a week ago.
 I helped add layers of paper mache while he was at school.
 His favorite part was adding all the finishing details at the end - I think it turned out great.
{I love Truman's outfit today - red underneath but still representing BYU and blue on top}.
 I couldn't resist doing a little Norah Valentine's photos shoot.
I'll post more.
 Bodie's class decorated bags as an in-class activity.
He came home so happy.
 We ran over to the school in the afternoon to help with Truman's class party.
 We taught the kids how to make heart shaped origami bookmarks - it was a huge hit.
 Younger siblings helping with the party - Bodie and Hannah Laird.
 I love when they get home and checkout all their loot - we had fun sitting around and reading all their valentine's  (I was frantically texting my girlfriends letting them know how cute their kids valentines were)
 I got beautiful roses :)
 Pete and Norah received cute Valentine bracelets in the mail from Tagg and Hazel - what a fun surprise.
Lots of fun Valentine's treats.
Our 'fancy' Papa Murphy's $5 heart pizza dinner.
It's also tradition that I get a HUGE Valentine's card from the kids and Gregg.
I love it!
And our final surprise of the day was some door-bell ditched Valentine's glasses from our McGown cousins.
Best new Valentine home decor is this neon 'love' sign.