Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Pete's off to school.

Pete started school today.
I know,
It's true, and it's what is best for Pete.
Norah TOALLY knew she was getting left out of the picture!
Showing off his new backpack from Grandma and Grandpa Simons.
Yep, you are getting neglected this morning Norah while I try to get the boys out the door to school, and you know it!
This little guy knows something exciting is happening!
Pete will be attending pre-school at Midway Elementary twice a week for a few hours in the morning.  He will be working with a speech therapist while there for his delayed speech.  It feels really scary to send my little boy (who IS really little still) to school but after lots of thought, prayer and pro's/con's we feel like it's the best thing for Pete.
"hand Truman"
These big brothers are going to take good care of him :)