Saturday, March 19, 2016

Skiing with Hopkinsons.

We met up with our cousins the Hopkinson's on the ski hill today.  Gregg had some work to do so Aaron took all the kids skiing and I chauffeured.
Nelson learning to ski the bunny hill.
So dang cute.
Pete hates to be left out.
Anna loves Pete.
Truman goofing off on the bunny hill while he waits for the little kids to ski.
Enoch goofing off on the bunny hill.
Truman, Enoch and Bodie
Cousins and best buddies.
Anna and Aaron with Nelson on back.
We were a pretty funny sight - Aaron and 6 of his kids + 9 month pregnant me and all three of my kids.
Addie took Pete down the bunny hill a few times - he was in heaven.
Nelson and his new BB8 helmet.
Aaron giving rides up the magic to Pete.
Pete felt like one of the big kids!
Addie coming down the hill.
Quinn coming down the hill.

Fun Saturday with cousins.