Friday, March 25, 2016


Happy family of three .. ha, just kidding - happy family of SIX!  The two older boys stated a few days in Herriman with my sister and Pete was with my mom so we just enjoyed our time with Norah.
Funny faces at mom.
Flowers from McKay and Rachel.
Tiffany also sent me daffodils from her yard.
Mom and Norah.
When I look at her I see a little bit of Pete and a little bit of me.

I treasure those new born pictures even if she is still a little 'beat up' from being born!
This was mostly the scene at the hospital of Gregg working away! 
My dad flew in last night and stopped by the hospital this morning to meet Norah. 
My friend Tami came to take some photos for me.
Gregg ... working.
We were finally discharged from the hospital in the early afternoon.