Friday, March 4, 2016

Bodie: 5

Happy 5th Birthday Bodie.
 Bodie's birthday started out early in our bed with presents before school.
Bodie has always been our earliest riser to the tune of 6 AM.
He is one good kid.
 After breakfast it was off to school.
During morning circle time they honored Bodie for his birthday.
 Bodie got to hold the earth and circle the sun the number of years he is old.
 Circling the sun while his classmates sing.
 Each time he circled the sun he stopped at the month of March to add a token representing his age.
 Truman ditched the first part of school to go with me to Bodie's school - they were fighting over who got to sit by Brierlye :)  The solution ... she sits in the middle!  Someday they will laugh at this picture.
 Bodie loves his teachers, pictured above are three of them
Mrs. Daybutela, Mrs. Harrigan, Mrs. Probst
 After school it was off the lunch with grandma Quinn.
He chose McDonald's
 At 3 PM we went to see Dr. Haderlie for his 5 year-old check up and get his kindergarten shots.  I think this kids hates shots most out of all my kids.
 After the doctors office and shots I took him to get his favorite drink, a Cosmo, at Quench it.
 We had a simple family celebration at grandpa and grandma Quinn's house.
 Bodie wanted a white cake that he could decorate himself.
So simple and so cute, he is my creative little guy.
{I don't know how I feel about the gun in the middle ... }
 Bodie is good to the core.
He acts so grown up that I often forget he is only 5.
Bodie loves warm chocolate milk, bacon, Oreo McFlurries, his small blanket, snuggles, riding his bike and trying to keep up with Truman.  He is just finishing his first year of music classes, he's got a great musical ear.  We had fun celebrating and spoiling him today.
And ... we had a surprise tonight when Gregg's little sister Becka had her baby.  Welcome baby Lucy to the family!  Bodie is so excited to share his birthday with a cousin.