Sunday, February 8, 2015

Pete is crawling.

Pete is finally crawling just shy of one-years old.
 Sometimes the hardest part is getting that little bum off the ground into a forward motion.
 Pete's left arm {elbow} is a little funky... you can see it in this picture.  We think he is double jointed in that arm.
 With the help of his big brothers Pete really mastered the art of crawling today.
It was petty cute to watch the other boys crawling around the house trying to help/show Pete what to do.
Spiderman made an appearance to help out.
 We are also experiencing some teething at the same time so this plastic green lizard is a favorite chew toy.
 There is the funky arm again.
 We love you little Pete.
And we are happy you have finally learned how to crawl.